✮✮✮✮✮ Susan Pomerantz

“We met John Claflin the owner of Colours Construction 10 years ago when we were searching for a contractor to completely renovate our kitchen. We picked John not only because of his price but because he gave us wonderful advice on how we should rebuild our kitchen and provided us with his valuable knowledge on getting the most out of a space. He also showed us ways to save money! Our kitchen is right out of Architectural Digest. It is not only beautiful but incredibly functional and the envy of all. In the years since we have use Colours to rebuild all our decks, renovate 3 bathrooms, add a room, and rebuild our entrance way which now has a grand foyer and a covered porch. The volume of work we have entrusted in Colours speaks for itself. Our experience with John and Colours has been superb every step of the way. He and Jenn are professional and take pride and care in their work. They are both a pleasure to work with. We can’t say enough good things about our experience with them.”

✮✮✮✮✮ Ralph Gibson, M.D. & Andy Jacobyansky

“John Claflin and the Colours Construction team took our vanilla builders house and over five years totally transformed it into the unique, beautiful and special home we have always wanted. John has the unique ability to listen to what you think you want and gently introduce you to materials, configurations and gorgeous finish work that you never knew existed. Honestly, every project exceeded our expectations. John’s crew performed miracles with difficult cabinetry and challenging ceiling mounding. John always had an idea that elevated the result to a new level. We can sincerely say that John and the Colours team crafted our dream home. We’re only sorry that we only have one more room and bath left to do. John and his team are totally accessible a moments notice. They just get the job done and it’s always gorgeous.”

✮✮✮✮✮ Sherry Brous – Designer/ Principal – Sherry Brous Interiors

As an Interior Designer, I have worked with many contractors all with varying strengths and weaknesses. After just finishing a project with Colours Construction, I can honestly say there was never a moment of concern or doubt. Colours Construction rates at the top of the list for their professionalism, knowledge, quality of work, organized planning, reliability and attention to details. The team is fair, honest and a pleasure to work with. We finished on budget and on time! I highly recommend Colours Construction and look forward to working together with them on many projects in the future.

✮✮✮✮✮ Tom Zappettin - East Hampton

I recently had an addition to my house to serve as an outside extension of my home. This will allow me to more fully enjoy the seasons. This addition was done by Colours Construction, a company I highly recommend, for all types of construction. John, Jenn and their team provided courteous, attentive, and professional craftsmanship. Daily cleanups kept the site orderly which was a real plus while living in the home during construction. My addition was completed timely using quality products.

✮✮✮✮✮ Riverside Drive

John Claflin and his crew have done excellent work for us on projects both large and small over the past 10 years. Recently, we were impressed by their planning and execution of a large project for us (renovating a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom). It was a pleasure to work with Jenn Claflin who is a master of logistics and details. John and Jenn offered consistently good and pragmatic advice. The quality of work is very good.

John started working with A Direct back in 2004! [woah! 10 years flew right by]. John is a fantastic carpenter, as well as a great person. From a customer's point of view, they always remark on how knowledgeable and patient he is. He truly takes pride in his work, and is very thorough from design to install on each job. We only recommend a handful of contractors to walk-in retail customers, and John/Colours Construction is definitely one of them.

We've worked with Colours on multiple projects over seven years. Colours has never failed to deliver! They have completely transformed our generic spec house into the home we've always dreamed about. The best part about working with John Claflin and his team is the constant interactive collaboration before and during the process. John is very creative and brought his years of experience to the execution of every project. Literally every project turned out far better than we had envisioned. We still have a couple of projects to go with Colours. We're only sad we're running out of space! The most recent project was an attached garage and 900 square foot apartment. It's stunning.

✮✮✮✮✮ Sherry Brous Interiors

I am an Interior Designer and hired Colours to construct an addition to my home in Southampton. The company was professional, reasonable and finished the job beautifully and on time. I look forward to working with Colours Construction again soon.

John did the second floor addition to our home in easthampton over 15 years ago and there was not a day then or since that we have regretted using him. to say he is knowledgeable, pleasant and patient is an understatement. having used several contractors, i know from experience that it is a rare combination. his work is always perfect and he is there every step of the way with you - and always smiles and keeps with you - through all changes and mistakes. and beyond all that you can call him fifteen years later in an emergency, and he will be right there with you and will remember your past project and help you with the next phase of your home renovation. how many contractors take that time and interest in your needs. i can not recommend colours construction more highly. i would be happy to speak with anyone thinking of hiring john and colours construction.

✮✮✮✮✮ R Steve

We have done several projects with Colours Construction over the past 10 years, including 3 new bathrooms and a new roof, and we have always been extremely satisfied with their work. John has offered excellent design ideas and advice. He also has kept the projects on track, on time and on budget. He has made the renovation of our house easy. We highly recommend this company for their reliability and the high quality of their work.


Good quality work, project evaluation, honest appraisal, timely completion of project with no cost overruns. Job was completed as promised leaving the space clean and ready to use.

✮✮✮✮✮ Anthony Leo

Colours Construction sets an example of how all GC's should run their jobs: Always professional, keeps a clean jobsite, maintains the job schedule, and stays in communication of any changes. A pleasure to work with!

✮✮✮✮✮ JS Plumbing

I've worked with and on approximately 10 jobs with Colours Construction over the last five years. Anywhere from 2500 ft.² to 7000 square-foot homes. Involving new construction and renovations. Some of the projects with the people living in the house. They are probably one of the most organized and detailed companies we've ever worked with. Their final finished product is done beautifully in near time scheduled with minimum inconvenience. We are a 95 year, 4th generation family, Plumbing, HVAC Company. They are a pleasure to work with !

✮✮✮✮✮ Sheila Sharpe

I have been using Colours Construction for the last 15 yrs. Among the jobs they have completed for me are installing a new kitchen, new roof, new gutters, staining and painting house inside and out, replacing rotting wood, installing new basement stairs as well as many other smaller jobs. I have always been satisfied with the work that was completed. The workers have been courteous, on time and efficient. I would nor hesitate to recommend Colours Construction.

✮✮✮✮✮ MAS Design Studio

Having worked with John Claflin of Colours Construction for many years, I can only give the highest praises for their continued quality of work and their attention to detail. It's a first class, blue-chip firm. John is a knowledgeable, personable, and service-oriented person. He has comprehensive knowledge of construction and knows how to respond to client requests. John also does an extremely thorough job of project management. A client doesn't have to ask him if we are on schedule and budget, he makes certain we are. This is a very special company and John is a terrific representative of their work ethic and values.

✮✮✮✮✮ Rose Gibson

I have used John and Jenn Claflin of Colours Construction for the past 16 years as home remodeling professionals on many occasions and a variety of projects. Projects ranged from conceptualizing and converting old rooms to new uses to replacing a smoke and carbon monoxide detector system. In each of these projects, they were knowledgeable and professional. The quality of their work was exceptional. They did not go over budgets proposed in contracts and met proposed deadlines. I highly recommend John and Jenn Claflin of Colours Construction.

Beril Lapson ✮✮✮✮✮

The project included renovating and reconfiguring the kitchen, a very tricky living room floor replacement, renovating a bathroom with under-floor heating, refinishing the bedroom floor, painting the house interior, and building a new mahogany deck. All work was well executed to our specs, The finished work looks great functions as planned, and was completed in the proper timeframe. We have used Colours Construction for other, smaller jobs and have always been quite satisfied.

✮✮✮✮✮ R. Steve

We hired Colours Construction to renovate our bathroom. John and his assistant Jennifer were very pleasant and helpful. The job was done expertly and on time. We are enjoying our beautiful new Bathroom.


Excellent, high-quality work, and great service. A pleasure to work with. Very timely and efficient. Would certainly recommend. Highly professional.


My husband found Colours Construction after an extensive search for contractors in our area. We chose John and Jenn after our first meeting with them. We had a gut feeling that they would not only do a good job but be honest and fair. They have exceeded our expectations and have gone the extra mile. We initially were going to only update the kitchen and replace all the windows in the house, but seeing their work decided to bite the bullet and renovate the entire house, which needed it. With each change order they have been fair and eager to work with us, even helped with some design decisions. Overall I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again.

✮✮✮✮✮ Mark Pierce

Colours Construction just completed a full renovation of my house and I cannot give enough praise to John and Jenn for the outstanding job and quality of work their team did with our house. It looks beautiful! To put this in context, I live overseas and so communications while the work was ongoing was one of the biggest challenges, but both John and Jenn made a point to regularly communicate and to lay out the various options when issues arose. Being overseas, “trust” was also a big concern and I can say that Colours Construction was fully transparent in outlining the costs of different pieces of work. When change orders were needed, the estimates provided were reasonable and within my expectations. And finally, when the building inspector came to inspect the house to issue the Occupancy Certificate, we passed with flying colors! All and all, I had a great experience working with Colours Construction and give them my highest recommendation to anybody looking for a General Contractor. Well done John and Jenn!